Leading Houston Energy Investment Firm Announces Plans in Africa Layton Corporation Partners with EDP Singapore and Energy Trading Corp. for Refinery, Infrastructure Development

October 13, 2012

HOUSTON, Nov 13, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Daniel T. Layton, CEO of Houston, Texas-based Energy Investment firm Layton Corporation announced today Layton's entry into Sub-Saharan Africa. Layton Corporation will operate in conjunction with indigenous organizations as well as through an existing partnership with EDP Singapore and Energy Trading Corp.

"We are extremely excited by the opportunities presented to Layton Corporation in that region," said Daniel Layton. "Sub-Saharan Africa's rapidly expanding energy and commodity sector offer tremendous growth opportunities for nearly every phase of our energy operations. We hope to exceed the 1 billion USD amount in the region over the next 36 months." Layton Corporation currently is in the initial phase of development on a 60k BPD refinery in western Africa as well as energy infrastructure, concessions and the expansion of its physical trading business.

About Layton Corporation: Layton Corporation is a Houston-based, privately-held energy investment firm engaged in all sectors of the energy industry worldwide. The company primarily acts in a principal capacity. Currently, Layton Corporation seeks international and domestic opportunities in the trading, transportation, service and electricity sectors.